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Wool Batt Insulation
Wool Loose-fill Insulation

Havelock Wool is healthy, high performance insulation made of 100% wool. Our raw material is sustainably harvested in New Zealand and mechanically processed in the US without the use of any chemical binders. The inherent characteristics of the wool fiber provide an exceptional R Value, moisture management, passive indoor air filtration and superb sound absorption. Further Havelock Wool insulation is Class A rated for both fire hazard and flame spread.

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Features & functionality

  • Batt and loose-fill insulation to be used in all insulation applications
  • Fast, easy and safe installation requiring no special protective clothing
  • Class A rated for Fire Resistance and Smoke Development.
  • Treated with boric acid to resist insects
  • Wool does not support the growth of mold
  • Passive air filtration — amino acids in wool bond with harmful chemicals
  • No off-gassing — natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals

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Havelock Wool Batt Insulation
Havelock Wool Loose-fill Insulation

Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • A uniquely simple process which employs repurposed carding machines, electric motors, needle punches and simple cutting stations
  • Raw material is 100% wool — sustainable and renewable
  • Sheep eat grass fed by rainfall
  • All SKUs are 100% wool ie no synthetic mix
  • No chemical binders
  • No high heat required
  • No toxic flame retardants as wool is naturally self-extinguising
  • Wool is compostable at end of an extended useful life

Certifications, rating systems & disclosures:

  • Bureau of Household Goods And Services, Certified Insulation Material
  • Declare, Red List Free
  • Health Product Declaration
  • ASTM E84 - Class A
  • ASTM C518 - Thermal Conductivity
  • ASTM C423 - Noise Reduction Coefficient WUFI Analysis

Technical Spec Sheet

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