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Partners in embodied carbon, material health, circularity, K-12 schools, AIA & LEED CEUs, specification, material samples and BIM

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We're revolutionizing high performance building product selection, specification and procurement by radically simplifying the delivery of product transparency information.

Product transparency disclosures for 10s of thousands of products

2,190+ Manufacturers &
industry associations
28 MasterFormat®
1,370+ MasterFormat®

Do more in 1 click.

Powerful CSI MasterFormat® filtering
Displays EVERY brand and its products with transparency disclosures in each division and section, making it possible to do in seconds what has taken hours, days or couldn't be done at all – especially when you need three equivalent options.

Now it's even easier to integrate transparency into your organization's spec and BoD product libraries.
Making it quick to accurately maintain and to get sample, specification, quote & submittal help from manufacturers when you need it.

Our commitment to architects, engineers, construction, owners (AECOs)

Free access to the most comprehensive, curated and continually updated source of building & construction products for high performance, low embodied carbon buildings – organized by MasterFormat® section.

You'll find EVERY building product manufacturer anywhere in the world making products available in N. America, investing in product transparency.

20+ new brands added monthly as each creates EPDs or material disclosures for the first time.

See the thousands of brands investing in product transparency

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Comprehensive content and easy-to-use tools

Includes EVERY:

  • EPD program operator in N. America, ALL EPDs: product-specific, industry average and optimized EPDs for LEED v4.1. We review PO's site monthly to add new EPDs.
  • Material ingredient disclosure programs eligible for rating systems credits. Using APIs and research, our more useful integration of partner data helps you find the results you're looking for.

Filter by each credit green building rating system transparency credit Find products and disclosures that contribute to each of the EPD and materials credits that reward transparency. Learn more.

Best user experience to simplify complexity

No more wondering which disclosures go with which product. Unique product table design displays EVERY product with all the transparency disclosures for that product.

In-a-glance results make it easy to evaluate a lot of MFRs and products quickly. Using text, graphics and handy tooltips to explain each disclosure type, we make transparency more understandable and meaningful to help make better informed decisions.

Custom EC3 API simplifies finding lower embodied carbon products

The first product data provider to partner with Building Transparency & the EC3 tool in 2019. We collaborated to create a custom API to provide simple, in-a-glance comparative results; and later, Buy Clean CA eligibility data to find EPDs for Buy Clean in 1 click.

A 50-page methodology document in a tool tip. The methodology is an innovation in comparing embodied carbon impacts. The tooltip provides a description of the process and key to the visual results with interpretation guidance.

Every EPD links back to the Transparency Catalog to connect the last mile. Every MFR’s page and their EPDs link to their Transparency Catalog Listing to find the products, transparency documentation and contact information for you to select, specify and procure lower embodied carbon materials.

The first program operator to partner with Building Transparency & the EC3 tool. We ensure the EPDs we create get added to the EC3 tool quickly and accurately.

MFRs: Find out about the value of adding your products.
AECOs: Schedule an educational demo for your team.
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Welcome to the Transparency Catalog!

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