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Aquia® Dual-Max® Toilet

MS654114MF – One-piece

CST412MF – Two-piece

Innovative and highly-efficient, the Aquia Dual-Max Toilet adds elegance and ease to your bathroom experience through its timeless style and innovative performance design. It features a simple, elongated skirt to offer clean lines – and easier cleaning. Available in a range of finishes and colors, this transitional aesthetic model offers planet-friendly advancements that respect water and your time.

The Aquia is available in a two-piece toilet and tank set, or choose the one-piece for a more streamline look and an included seat.

Performance dashboard

Features & functionality

  • Dual-Max® flushing system, high efficiency 1.6gpf & 0.9gpf
  • Dual flush option
  • Chrome push button
  • Elongated skirt
  • Universal Height
  • 12” Rough-in

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Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • Lower water use

Certifications & rating systems:

  • WaterSense® certified
  • Declare™ label
  • Contributes to earning credits in LEED®