Industry-wide Type III EPD

Natural Stone Flooring and Paving

Natural stone is an easy solution to many green building goals. It is nearly complete as a building material in its natural state as mother nature does most of the manufacturing. It is a single-ingredient natural material that emits no VOCs. Its durability allows stone to perform impeccably in commercial & residential applications, interior or exterior.

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Features & functionality

  • Stone tiles are supplied in typical sizes and atypical pieces are field cut to fit
  • Fabrication of custom cut-to-size stone products occurs in a factory setting, but partial fabrication may occur during installation
  • Thickness of tile and cut-to-size products vary by application, exterior pavements have textured surfaces such as flamed, sanded, bush-hammered, natural cleft
  • Surface finishes include honed, polished, sanded, flamed, sawn, sanded, natural cleft
  • Stone types include granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, serpentine, slate, soapstone, and travertine

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Environment & materials

  • Similar processing operations for interior flooring and exterior paving reduces amount of equipment needed to create products
  • Emits no VOCs, and poses no health hazards
  • Quarries and processing facilities are located across N. America, making shipping distances never too far
  • Can be refinished and recycled with endless opportunities for reuse after initial service life
  • Scrap stone used as fill on premises, kept onsite for reclamation, or crushed as aggregates used in construction

Select natural stone products have qualified for one or more of the following certifications, rating systems, and disclosures:

  • Sustainable Stone Certified
  • Dimension Stone Design Manual
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD)