Industry-wide Type III EPD

Exterior Dimension Stone Cladding

Natural stone is an easy solution to many green building goals. It is nearly complete as a building material in its natural state as mother nature does most of the manufacturing. It is a single-ingredient natural material that emits no VOCs. Its durability allows stone to perform impeccably in commercial & residential applications, interior or exterior.

Performance dashboard

Features & functionality

  • Panel sizes vary based on size and soundness of the block yielded by the quarry
  • Veneer units are precut, prefinished and delivered to job sites ready to install
  • Surface finishes vary from rough split face and bed to panels with polished face and sawn bed
  • Installation methods include adhered or anchored
  • Stone types include granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, serpentine, slate, soapstone, and travertine

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Environment & materials

  • Emits no VOCs, and poses no health hazards
  • Quarries and processing facilities are located across N. America, making shipping distances never too far
  • Can be refinished and recycled with endless opportunities for reuse after initial service life
  • Scrap stone used as fill on premises, kept onsite for reclamation, or crushed as aggregates used in construction
  • No periodic cleaning needed during entire service life

Select natural stone products have qualified for one or more of the following certifications, rating systems, and disclosures:

  • Sustainable Stone Certified
  • Dimension Stone Design Manual
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD)

For specification information, refer to:
Dimension Stone Design Manual
Natural Stone Sustainability Standard
Natural Stone Catalogue

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