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Sustainable Minds Publishes Six PCRs for Plumbing Products in Conformance to the ACLCA PCR Open Standard

By: Sustainable Minds • Mar 25, 2024

Making PCRs and EPDs More Standardized, Consistent, and Reliable for Transparency, Procurement, and Supply Chain Data

PCRs from all program operators are available in the PCR Catalog for N. American Building & Construction, developed and maintained by Sustainable Minds. Over time, the ACLCA PCR Open Standard and EPA conformant column(s) will get populated as the standards evolve and new PCRs are published.

BROOKLINE, MA (March 25, 2024) – (PR Newswire) – Sustainable Minds®, the only end-to-end provider of product transparency solutions, has published product category rules (PCRs) for building products manufacturers:

  1. Electronic Bidet Seats
  2. Residential Toilets
  3. Commercial Flushometer Valves
  4. Commercial / Public Metered & Manual Lavatory Faucets
  5. Commercial Toilets
  6. Commercial Urinals

In August 2023, the company became the first program operator to update its technical program according to the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) PCR Open Standard. Sustainable Minds’ recently published Utility Poles PCR, along with these six, are among the first ACLCA PCR Open Standard conformant PCRs to be published.

With the increasing demand for using EPDs to communicate the environmental impacts of products and processes, EPDs are also being used to inform design and procurement decisions, both public and private. Through this program, manufacturers can create better product category rules (PCRs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs) that are standardized, consistent, and reliable, making it easier for building industry professionals to select products that align with project goals or meet new codes and standards.

This month, the U.S. EPA released its draft Criteria for PCRs to Support the Label Program for Low Embodied Carbon Construction Materials. Much of this document is based on and builds upon text outlined by the ACLCA PCR Open Standard.

Since its inception in 2014 as a program operator, Sustainable Minds has worked to advance standardization and simplification of PCR and EPD creation at scale under the leadership of founder and CEO Terry Swack. To further this goal, in 2021 Swack became one of two co-chairs leading the ACLCA PCR Open Standard working group.

“Our updated technical program reflects the organization’s continued commitment to informing low-carbon purchase decisions by making life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental performance information understandable and meaningful,” explained Swack. “Sustainable Minds was the first to deliver EPDs in the cloud, in PDF, and in the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3). We have also reduced the time and expense required to create a robust PCR by further standardizing the creation process.”

“Using the ACLCA PCR Open Standard to update our program was a rigorous task, but it has enabled us to create higher quality PCRs. It lifts significant technical burdens from PCR committee members, allowing them to focus on the data and decisions most relevant to their products and industries,” commented Kim Hammer, Director, Technical Services & Senior LCA Analyst at Sustainable Minds.

Sustainable Minds worked closely with PCR committee members including sponsor TOTO, Sloan, Zurn, Kohler, Bradley Corp., Watts, American Supply Assoc., IAPMO and PMI.

“Sustainable Minds’ ability to guide our working group through a myriad of issues, questions, data searches and then ultimately bring resolution and consensus to the group was impressive,” said Fernando Fernandez, Senior Director of Codes and Standards for TOTO USA, Inc. “We anticipated needing a year or more to complete 6 PCRs, but we were done in 9 months.”

PCRs are available in the PCR Catalog for N. American Building & Construction. Sustainable Minds PCR / EPD program documents are here:


About Sustainable Minds

Sustainable Minds is the only end-to-end product transparency solutions provider for building product manufacturers today. The company is an ISO 14025 EPD / PCR program operator committed to understandable and reliable reporting; provides LCA, material evaluation and carbon accounting services, and delivers innovative digital tools to get products into projects. The Transparency Catalog™, the leading source of building & construction products for high-performance, low-carbon buildings, makes it super easy for industry professionals to collaboratively select, specify, and procure products, and reward building product manufacturers for making them. |

Contact: Amber Reid, Sustainable Minds | [email protected]


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