Eco Drake® PVC-Free


Created with elegant simplicity, the Eco Drake High Efficiency Toilet combines contemporary design with innovations in style and water conservation. Quietly powerful and beautifully designed, Eco Drake consumes less water and performs above and beyond your expectations.

Performance dashboard

Features & functionality

  • E-max® Flushing System (1.28GPF / 4.8LPF)
  • Wide 3" flush valve is 125% larger than conventional 2" flush valves.
  • Wider 2-1/8" computer designed fully glazed trapway
  • Siphon jet flushing
  • Contemporary, high profile design
  • Large water surface
  • 12" Rough-In
  • Upgrade with SoftClose® seat, or a Washlet®

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Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • Lower water use
  • 50% of all electricty from renewable resources
  • Kiln exhaust heat reused to power product dryers
  • Upcycling of post industrial porcelain waste into ceramic floor tile

Certifications & rating systems:

  • WaterSense® certified
  • Declare™ label
  • CALGreen® compliant
  • Contributes to earning credits in LEED®


Material Health Overview

Assessment scope and results


Inventory threshold: 100 ppm

Declare level:

The Declare product database and label are used to select products that meet the LBC's stringent materials requirements, streamlining the materials specification and certification process.

LBC Red List Free This product does not contain any ingredients on the LBC Red List.

LBC Red List Approved This product meets the requirements of the LBC Red List Imperative due to a temporary exception.

Declared This product has voluntarily self-disclosed all ingredients in order to promote transparency.

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Eco Drake® PVC-Free

Evaluation program: Declare

Declare labels are issued to products disclosing ingredient inventory, sourcing and end of life options. Declare labels are based on the Manufacturers Guide to Declare, administered by the International Living Future Institute.

How it works

Material ingredients are inventoried and screened against the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List which represents the ‘worst in class’ materials, chemicals, and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem.

How this rating was achieved

Declare level

'Living Building Challenge Compliant' is achieved when the product contains Red List ingredients that have been given a temporary exception by the Living Building Challenge due to current market limitations.

What's in the product and why

The ceramic body and glaze makes up ~92% of the total mass of the toilet. Therefore, manufacturing and transportation of the ceramic create the greatest human health impacts when compared to the overall manufacture of the entire toilet. By specifying an Eco Drake toilet manufactured in the North America, the consumer helps mitigate these human health impacts.

Red List materials

The toilet trip lever handle is plated with chrome (Hexavalent Chromium VI). Chromium material is used as a decorative finish in applications where corrosion-resistance and durability are required. During the chrome plating process health hazards have been identified and are managed according the OHSA Guidelines. Process controls are used to protect the environment and the production workers wear personal protection equipment. After the plating process the chrome surface is inert and does not pose any health risks. The trip lever in the final form does not represent any hazards to the user. TOTO continues to investigate alternative finishes in order to reduce and/or eliminate Chromium VI on the toilet trip levers.

Where it goes at the end of its life

TOTO encourages consumers to recycle their used toilet and toilet parts. Contact your local municipality for recycling programs.

How we're making it healthier

PVC-Free versions of the Eco Drake do not use parts containing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The manufacture of PVC requires vinyl chloride, as well as other chemicals such as plasticizers and phthalates, which give the material an elastomeric or rubber-like characteristic. The primary health concern is during the production process when the raw material components are in a powder or pelletized form. If inhaled or ingested the results can be toxic and potentially carcinogenic. In the final form, materials are inert and not a hazard to the users of the toilet.

As part of TOTO’s efforts to reduce health impacts, PVC parts have been removed and replaced with materials of compatible functional strength and chemical resistance. Additionally, these parts are sourced within the continental United States. While there are no legislative or regulatory mandates to remove this material from a product, as part of our goal to mitigate adverse health impacts, TOTO has moved beyond compliance by voluntarily eliminating this compound.

Goals and plans for improvement:

  • Utilize alternative materials to PVC, removing this compound from tank parts in all TOTO models.
  • With no compromise to beauty, functionality, or durability, TOTO intends to offer alternative finishes for trip levers that do not require Chromium VI.



TOTO USA, Declare label for Eco Drake CST744ET90

Manufacturer's Guide to Declare

A comprehensive guide providing information about the program, the assessment methodology, how to submit material data to obtain a Declare label and how they are used to meet the Health & Happiness and Materials Petals of the Living Building Challenge.

Rating systems

LEED BD+C: New Construction | v4 - LEED v4
Building product disclosure and optimization
Material Ingredients

  • Credit value options 1 product each

  • 1. Reporting

    2. Optimization

    3. Supply Chain Optimization

LEED BD+C: New Construction | v4.1 - LEED v4.1
Materials and resources
Material Ingredients

  • Credit value options 1 product each

  • 1. Reporting

    2. Optimization

    3. Supply Chain Optimization

Living Building Challenge
Materials petals imperatives

  • 10. Red List Free

    12. Responsible Industry

    13. Living Economy Sourcing

WELL Building Standard®
Air and Mind Features

  • X07 Materials Transparency

  • X08 Materials Optimization

Collaborative for High Performance Schools National Criteria
MW 10.1 — Building Product Health Related Information Reporting

  • Product Health Related Information Report 1 point