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Stego Industries is the industry leader in below-slab vapor barrier solutions. We have earned the trust of the design and construction communities through a constant commitment to integrity, innovation, and expertise. Stego barrier systems are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable, and healthy buildings.

Explore our products and feel free to contact us for more information or visit our website to learn more about Stego’s commitment to holistic sustainability.

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Stego Wrap, the industry’s most specific below-slab vapor barrier, provides unmatched performance and sustainability for project teams. Stego Wrap was the first below-slab vapor barrier to publish a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and the only one to contribute directly to LEEDv4 Material Ingredient reporting requirements.

Stego’s full line of barrier systems contain zero VOCs and provide a first-of-their-kind Life of the Building Warranty. Even more, many of the key accessories are low emitting having been certified Clean Air GOLD. Stego barrier systems offer a truly sustainable solution for any project: performance, durability, and transparently safe composition.


Stego Industries’ commitment to transparency and sustainability goes beyond providing industry-leading sub-slab barrier solutions. We are a Member and Sponsor of the HPD Collaborative to help promote and support the move towards better understanding of healthy products. In addition, Stego has joined the Living Product 50, a collective group of leading manufacturers committed to bold sustainability and market transformation. Finally, the Stego Footprint Project encompasses and promotes a holistic approach to corporate sustainability and responsibility. Some of the current highlights include:

· 100% Solar Power Home Office

· Carbon Offset purchases for company air travel

· Fuel efficiency incentives

· Community Service

The fact is, disclosures are one aspect of understanding building materials and how they contribute to a project’s overall performance and sustainability goals. Stego’s network of Regional Managers and Regional Associates are available to provide unmatched technical and educational support to incorporate sub-slab barrier systems for your next project. Moreover, our Green Team is available to discuss how efficient, durable, and healthy buildings start with Stego.

A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation

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