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Polycor is the world’s leading natural stone manufacturer. By joining forces with other industry pioneers, we provide our customers with centuries of stone expertise. Our vision is to establish new foundations of global leadership by setting the standard for excellence in sustainable natural stone. Our products are built to last so that future generations can continue to fall in love with natural stone.

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Visit our Sustainability Resources page to access more product sustainability documentation.

  • Sourcing of raw materials Natural Stone Sustainability Standard

Polycor is committed to being sustainable, and we’ve taken all the necessary steps to become just that.

  • Carbon neutrality by the end of 2025: Polycor plans to reduce its scope 1 and 2 emissions by 25% and become carbon neutral, aligned with the SBTi’s targets, and to electrify 30% of its fleet of light vehicles.
  • 99% of the water used in our production facilities is rainwater and over 85% of it is recycled in a circular loop. As we process our stone products without the use of chemicals, we eliminate the risk of water contamination.
  • Polycor owns its entire chain of custody, from the quarry to the plant. This business model eliminates the risk of child labor and forced labor in the supply chain. This also ensures that materials remain 100% natural, free from chemicals or dyes.

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Other ratings & certifications

  • Sourcing of raw materials: The Natural Stone Sustainability Standard is an accreditation that helps architects, builders, and stone specifiers ensure that the stones they use are produced in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner. Polycor is the industry leader with over 37% of all accreditations. Learn more about Polycor's certified sites.
  • Indoor air: Natural stone is an inherently non-emitting source of chemicals. Products made from 100% natural stone do not release any VOCs into the air.
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