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GATE Precast is one of the largest and most diversified precast concrete producers in the United States, with nine manufacturing facilities. Design-assist collaborations between Gate’s in-house engineering teams and national level design firms is our hallmark. We offer façade solutions, structural precast, including parking garages.

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In addition to our traditional full thickness precast façade systems, we offer GateLite®. It is a prefabricated and pre-insulated wall panel system and can be unitized with glass. GateLite® reduces enclosure time, site traffic and parking congestion by eliminating the need for traditional trades on site.

One of the goals of the system is to meet the 2030 AIA Challenge Carbon Smart Material Pallet. Concrete and steel are considered high impact materials but they are also the most widely used materials designers are accustomed to working with.

The GateLite® system uses:

  • 60% less concrete than traditional full thickness precast and 50% less steel than traditional light gauge site-built framings systems.
  • HFO spray foam insulation with ultra-low GWP and high R value of 7.5 per inch.
  • Higher-grade materials with lower embodied carbon and is designed for long-term durability, which reduces the operational carbon when compared to other systems. The attributes of the system are part of the design guidance for the whole building approach to emissions reductions in the 2030 AIA Challenge Carbon Smart Material Palette.

GATE is working on concrete mix designs that reduce or eliminate Portland Cement and pursuing options for using renewable energy in our production facilities.

The GateLite® system’s LCA and EPD are in the works, so stay tuned!

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