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CIMA is a trade association made up of cellulose insulation producers and affiliated members in the United States and Canada dedicated to ensuring the highest quality cellulose insulation products and standards. The association also provides timely and useful information about cellulose insulation and other valuable information to its members, regulatory officials, industry professionals, and homeowners. CIMA manufacturers require certification by a recognized independent laboratory as conforming with all applicable codes, regulations, and standards in their respective countries.

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Due to its inherent recovered content, low embodied energy and high thermal efficiency, cellulose insulation is often called the "Greenest of the Green". It has the lowest embodied carbon building material commercially available and is the only form of insulation that stores carbon in the product itself. Cellulose insulation is composed of up to 85% recycled newsprint and cardboard, higher than almost any other commonly used building material available on the market.

These CIMA and CIMAC member companies participated in the industry-wide Type III EPD. We invite you learn about our members and specify their products with transparency documentation.

Advanced Fiber Technology
Applegate Insulation
Can-Cell Industries
Climatizer Insulation
Igloo Cellulose
International Cellulose Corporation
Mason City Recycling Center

This industry-wide EPD is the product group benchmark to which product-specific EPDs can be compared. It was done in conformance with the benchmarking guidance provided in the PCR, UL Building Envelope Thermal Insulation 04/18 – 02/23; and the SM Part B: Benchmarking Addendum | Conventional Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation. Manufacturers interested in participating retroactively or making product-specific EPD comparisons, see the Benchmarking Addendum for instructions or contact Sustainable Minds.

In the United States: Cellulose insulation conforms with Consumer Products Safety Commission Interim Safety Standard 16 CFR Part 1209 and ASTM Standard C 739.

In Canada: Cellulose insulation conforms with Consumer Product Safety Act 16-2-B Part 1404 and with the requirements of National Standard of Canada CAN/ULC S703.

In addition to high-recovered content and low embodied energy, many cellulose insulation products made by CIMA and CIMAC members have been tested per CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.1, 2010 and determined to be low VOC materials.

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Note: Expired disclosures can be used in a submittal package if the product was purchased during the validity period.
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