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Advanced Fiber Technology (AFT) is a leading manufacturer of cellulose insulation products for thermal and acoustical insulation. AFT's line of products use natural, plant based fibers with fire retardants to meet the stringent standards of ASTM C739 and ASTM E84. They can be installed in existing buildings or new construction.

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AFT Carbon Smart Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation has the first product-specific EPD compared to an industry baseline eligible to earn the LEED 4.1 credit for Environmental Product Declarations, Option 2: Embodied Carbon/LCA Optimization.

Compared to the CIMA/CIMAC Conventional Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation industry-wide EPD, AFT Carbon Smart showed a 16% performance improvement in global warming as well as significant improvements in other impact categories including smog, ozone depletion and fossil fuel. The global warming improvement is a result of the absence of cardboard box as a material ingredient commonly used by other cellulose insulation manufacturers.

AFT Carbon Smart Cellulose Insulation complies with the California Dept. of Public Health CDPH/EHLB standards for low VOC and formaldehyde emissions (Berkeley Analytical certificate #110804-02). It contains a minimum 85% recycled content and can be applied with or without starch based adhesives.

Cellulose insulation has very low embodied carbon due to the use of recycled raw material content and low embodied energy during manufacturing. Cellulose fibers sequester carbon for the useful life of the building.


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