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Understanding the NEW carbon estimating tools for early stage building design

By: Sustainable Minds • Jul 21, 2022

Recorded Tue, July 22nd

Meet the people creating the new crop of carbon accounting / assessment / estimating tools for AECOs to make better decisions about projects.

If you've been working to reduce embodied carbon impacts, you're probably familiar with the EC3 tool. It includes a database of EPDsand building impact calculator designed for use in material procurement.

These new tools target early stage design when there’s time to investigate, model and make better informed decisions up front. Each is intended for different project types and provides different types of results.

Join us for demos and to learn about:

  • Each product and the people & organizations who created
  • Who should use, when and how
  • Decisions that can be made from the results
  • What tools can be used with them in the project life cycle
  • How to use the EC3 tool / Transparency Catalog integration to find lower embodied carbon products with EPDs in every MasterFormat® section – in 1 click

These tools are all web apps, free to use and have a predilection for four-letter acronyms (BEAM, EPIC, CARE).

BEAM Estimator | Builders for Climate Action
(Building Emissions Accounting for Materials)
BEAM is used in the low and mid-rise sector to estimate emissions associated with material production. It provides comparisons during modeling of materials, assemblies and whole buildings to make impactful product decisions.

(Early Phase Integrated Carbon Assessment)
EPIC is a tool to help every project plot a course to climate positive from the earliest stages. It combines estimates of operational, embodied, and landscape carbon to give a holistic view of emissions and opportunities to reduce them.

CARE Tool | Architecture 2030
(Carbon Avoided Retrofit Estimator)
CARE Tool is a high-level estimating tool to assess and compare the embodied, operational and avoided carbon impacts of reusing and upgrading existing buildings compared to replacing them with new construction.


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