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Metal Sales is a proud U.S. company providing metal roof and wall systems to all sectors of the building market: commercial, agricultural and residential. We offer architectural strategies, solutions and products that focus on energy efficiency, LEED certification and net zero building. Metal Sales is committed to improving the environment and reducing our impact on it.

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We start by being a strong voice for sustainable design and construction and back that up in a number of ways. We’re the first metal manufacturer in the Declare program and the first to offer Valspar Fluropon Pure coatings. Our products contain a minimum of 30% recycled materials, are 100% recyclable and contribute to critical environmental project certifications, including LEED, ENERGY STAR, the Living Building Challenge and others.

Our products are only one part of the commitment. The other is how we operate our business. By de-centralizing manufacturing and operating facilities around the country, we reduce transportation for shipping and, therefore, fuel used. Our fleet is equipped to reduce fuel consumption, including electronic engine monitoring to capture data that helps us re-train more fuel-friendly driving habits. We’ve even upgraded lighting throughout our offices and plant to reduce energy consumption.

Lastly, we partner with vendors and organizations that share our view of the importance of building sustainable social responsibility because, together, we can multiply our effect, and our impact on future generations.

A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation

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