BioEdge® Edgebanding

BioEdge® Edgebanding is a bio-based product solution eliminating the use of oil and harmful chemicals. It’s a complete bio-replacement for PVC and ABS edgebanding. BioEdge Edgebanding is formulated from BioBest®, a patented, proprietary plastic polymer made from corn. Bioedge Edgebanding is produced with 83% or greater of a proprietary PLA blend, quickly making it the leading “green” solution in the industry and number one choice for green building projects.

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Features & functionality

  • BioEdge is the bio-based alternative to PVC/ABS/PP
  • PVC/ABS/PP are not “green”. BioEdge PLA blend is the only base material to pass Cradle to Cradle certification
  • Architects/installers/furniture companies can incorporate BioEdge directly into their current processes
  • Up to 5x less green house gas emission during production of the base material

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BioEdge® Edgebanding

Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • World's only plant and bio-based edgebanding
  • Biodegradable on it's own given the right circumstances
  • No expertise or added equipment needed
  • Base material is byproduct of food stream production and does not take away from that stream

Certifications & rating systems:

  • Environmental product declaration (EPD)
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD)
  • C2C Certified™ (for PLA polymer)
  • C2C Material Health Certificate (for PLA polymer)

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